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AudioStrip is a free online tool used by music producers to split vocals from the backing music in audio files. It uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, trained on huge datasets of music to give you the best results, allowing producers to use the samples they want without paying for expensive software.

This website uses the code of the Spleeter + Demucs python libraries and is intended to make the AI models easier to use for music producers/hobbyists without requiring them the advanced technical expertise to use this AI otherwise.

During the day I am Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer who also likes to make music. I created this website as a hobby after I found myself wanting to use more and more clean samples which were not available online. Check out my soundcloud below if you are interested in my attempts at making music.

Also please do get in contact if you have any suggestions/bugs via the contact page as I am actively adding more to this site to make it better for you. Cheers.


Why am I getting an error with Upload File?

Although errors are unlikely for Upload File functionality it can happen. The most likely reason is the file is too large (significantly over 100mb) or the file format is not one of the following: wav, mp3, ogg, m4a, wma, flac.
Please ensure your song is not too long - roughly over 10 mins. For 4+ instrument split the song duration limit is much shorter of 8 mins.
Please also check your connection to the internet is fine.
NOTE: For Non-Premium users there is a monthly limit of 3 free extractions a month per algorithm.

How can I get the best quality output?

The best quality output is going to be from .wav or .flac since these audio files don't reduce the sound quality (unlike mp3). Please be aware some songs will work alot better than others based on the audio and what the AI was trained on. If you think it didnt work well on your song try a better file format or try another song.

Didn't there used to be a paste link option?

There did, but because it has been interpreted as being a tool to promote downloading copyrighted material, I have removed it for the time being. I know several of you were using it legitimately inline with copyright law, however, I want to avoid any legal hassle as I am just a 1 man team.
Please continue to use the Upload File functionality in line with copyright laws.

Please write a question via the Contact page if this doesn't answer your question.

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developed by: Basil Woods
designs by: Tuka Sindano

Credit to:
Deezer Research
Spleeter: a fast and efficient music source separation tool with pre-trained models
Romain Hennequin and Anis Khlif and Felix Voituret and Manuel Moussallam

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Credit to:
Facebook Research
Demucs: Hybrid Spectrogram and Waveform Source Separation
Alexandre Défossez

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I do not condone the use of this tool for downloading copyrighted audio without permission from the copyright holders.